What Features Should You Look for in a VoIP Phone System?

Skype, the biggest VoIP provider in the world, recently announced that it has achieved 100 million registered users worldwide (Source: sinology.com). If you take that into consideration, and the fact that over 30 million of U.S. households use VOIP as their main home phone line, chances are that either you already own or are planning to own a VoIP Phone System.

Now, if you’re thinking about buying a VoIP phone system for your office, choosing a model may not be as easy as you thought at first. We know the amount of models and functionalities available can be overwhelming; and that’s why we will list the essential features your new VoIP phone must have.


The must-have features are…


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is arguably the best thing that has happened to business communications since the invention of the cell phone. VoIP allows businesses to streamline their operations with a simplified communications infrastructure and scalable capabilities.

That being said, it’s very important that businesses owners select the right model when buying VoIP Phone Systems, or even a PBX System for that matter. In this article we will not talk about any specific models, but instead provide a list of the features that usually have the biggest impact in an office’s productivity.


1. Auto Attendant


A VoIP auto attendant phone system will be able to better manage a large volume of incoming calls. With the auto attendant feature there will be more transactions handled per minute. The auto attendant feature can also improve the image of the company.

Note: businesses can enjoy additional marketing and promotional benefits with custom messages by using this feature.


2. Mobility Support


Mobility is a key feature of VoIP telephony. Mobility solutions allow businesses to take calls on the go. Softphones is a major mobility app you should look into. Softphones transform computers and other mobile terminals (laptops, tablets, or smartphones) to active extensions of a business phone network.


3. Automatic Redundancy

A VoIP Phone System that features automatic redundancy will give you greater peace of mind. Automatic redundancy guarantees a constant stream of voice and data communications by offering reliable fail-safe options in the unlikely case of a system failure. This is accomplished by having two different servers at two different locations.

4. Conferencing


A good VoIP phone system includes multi-party conferencing (at least 3 active callers) with video and multimedia support, enabling businesses owners to conduct important meetings remotely without needing to travel. With the new video and multimedia support, entire presentations and interactive sessions are now possible.


5. Call Recording


Many VoIP phone systems include one-touch call recording functionalities. Call recording services on VoIP phones provide several advantages for business, including quality assurance and customer support, employee training, and legal/security benefits.

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