PBX Systems: Analog vs. Digital

Analog vs. Digital doesn’t seem to be a topic of discussion of our days. We are so used to various digital devices, that it almost surprises us when digital is not the only option. However, PBX systems come both in digital and analog versions. Which one is better depends on your type of business and area of expertise.

Analog Phone Systems

These are the traditional phones we are used to finding in any office. They cover the basic features a small business needs, such as transferring calls to a different extensions, redial, speed dial and hold. The system does not leave much room for expansion or alterations, since a location change involves new wiring.

Digital Phone Systems

Digital PBX Systems allow feature changes to be made straight from the software. They are more flexible in terms of extension and allocation; they are also highly compatible with VoIP lines. This feature makes them cost efficient in the long term because the same device is enabled for more communications settings.

Hybrid PBX Systems

In some cases, a hybrid system is created by using analog hardware connected with IP interfaces on the controller board. This enables the system to use the best features of each version. Ending up with a wide range of voice to data options. Hybrid systems are possible via analog gateways and ATA adapters.

Which one is better?

It depends strictly on your business. A small business with a low calling traffic could work well with an analog PBX System. Whereas a large business with more advanced feature needs should opt for a digital VoIP Phone System, allowing further changes to be made to the software as the office grows.

Sometimes the size of a business is not proportional to its needs. For instance, even a small office might have a high calling traffic. This situation leads to a need for a professional communications system at an affordable cost. An example of this is the New York Phone System.

Whenever considering an analog or digital phone system, think of your current needs as well as your expectations for business growth. Remember that digital phones leave the door open for software modification, which in the end can be less expensive and time consuming than adding extra hardware.

Which system are you using now? Are you in the need for an upgrade? Let us know in the comment section and get the best system for your particular needs.

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