Mitel Ranks as Top Hosted-PBX Provider in the US

Mitel, one of the leading brands on PBX Systems, was recently named as one of the top three Hosted PBX service providers in the United States, by the telecom experts at VoIP Mechanic, according to an article published by The article also went on to mention how VoIP has become the hot new trend in telephone service.

Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that offers many benefits. Some of the advantages VoIP Phone Systems have to offer range from its low cost, to its many different features, that make it an ideal solution for businesses looking to get all in only one system. In fact, some experts assure that Voice over Internet Protocol can reduce an office telephone bill up to 80%.


Most small businesses (or even big ones) trying to reduce costs, and switch to more modern telephone solutions, are already thinking about acquiring a VoIP phone system that allows them to have a better interaction with clients and redistribute calls through different operators. All of this will allow them to function as large corporations without the expenses that traditional call centers generate.

PBX System: All these features in only device?

The countless features VoIP technology offers are possible due to the fact that communications are evolving at the same pace that new technology is being developed every day. PBX systems can help increase productivity and can include a vast range of solutions for your business, because it integrates capabilities that were exclusive to other devices until quite recently.

Cloud Hosted PBX offers an alternative to major hardware purchase, installation and management costs that are required by traditional phone systems. Instead, with cloud-based technology, fees for long distance calls now are lower than they have ever been before.

VoIP Phone Systems: Past and Future

Interconnected VoIP Phone Systems help you make and receive calls from anywhere your clients may be located, and they usually offer plans and fixed monthly rates for these services. By sending voice-data online in a compressed digital form instead of doing so through conventional copper land-lines, VoIP providers can radically lower prices and improve call quality at the same time.

Before VoIP Phone Systems were available for the general public, most ‘traditional’ PBX services were not a viable alternative for small businesses due to the equipment’s cost. Also, the number of lines were very limited, which made it even more expensive due to the fact that additional lines were needed and more equipment had to be purchased.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of brands that offer VoIP phone systems, with Mitel being one of the top alternatives, making it easier for small to medium-sized businesses to choose the right PBX System to fit their needs. Have you considered making the switch to VoIP telephony in your business or company? Let us know your concerns and doubts in our comment section.

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