How to Know if You Need Networking Services: Organize Your Network Closet!

Operating a business means running a well-oiled machine. Avoiding the road to ruin takes implementing an organized system and employing expert assistance. If your network closet has seen better days, employing professional Networking Services is your first step towards seamless communications.

Several elements like finding the right colocation data center or acquiring the proper PBX systems are also crucial. However, something you can start working on is your network closet. Let’s take a look at the how and why it’s crucial for your daily business operations to maintain an orderly network closet. Below are some warning signs that will alert you to seek professional help.

  • Messy Cables – An IT specialist can help you tackle an unorganized network closet. If your network cables are so jumbled together that you can’t tell which are plugged in and which are not, you should seek out a professional.
  • Duct Tape overload – Duct tape is not a cure all. If your network cables are duct taped to the floor and secured with thumbtacks to the wall, then you may see problems down the line.
  • Disorganized use of space – There’s a reason why people pay good money for professional organizers. Managing your space well will lead to a more efficient operation. Make sure that you can clearly see the cables in your network closet and easily differentiate them by color. You should be able to view your lights and see which ones are yellow, red, green or orange.
  • Damaged Equipment – Network cables that are tangled and unorganized will undoubtedly lead to hardware malfunctions. Hiring an IT specialist to handle your Network Services is a preventative measure to avoid costly repairs.
  • Non-ventilated cabinets – The wire frame shelves in your network closet need air to breathe. You don’t want your hardware to overheat which will lead to system failures.
  • Broken Sections – If you have a messy network closet, you may not even notice that the connector ends are broken off or have strings sticking out here and there. Maintaining a tidy network closet helps avoid malfunctions.

If you see any or all of these six warning signs, it’s paramount that you address them immediately with professional IT support (For more on that check this great infographic). The experts at have been delivering exceptional service to clients in the Tri-State area and beyond for over 35 years. Their highly knowledgeable consultants provide the latest IT support services to businesses that may not have the need for full-time onsite support.

Take a look at your network closet. What is it telling you? Call us at Birns.Net, we can help!

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