Colocation Data Center: What Is SSAE 16 and Why Is It Important?

SSAE 16 stands for Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements number 16. It is an examination of company activity (substituting the SAS 70). The attest standard was created by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) in 2010, and the idea is for companies to join a global approach for quality standards, which makes sense when we think of the way the internet has opened doors for web-based businesses, like a Colocation Data Center.

One of the main requirements of the SSAE 16 is the Written Statement of Assertion (a document where management describes the system and how it functions). Then, a later auditing process determines how effective a business is in providing that service.

Why Would a Colocation Data Center Really Need SSAE 16?

  • To reassure customers: data is perhaps the most important asset of any organization. Colocation data centers are responsible for proper handling and safety of such vital element. Having passed an examination will inspire more confidence to new customers
  • To make an objective evaluation of their business: internal control processes can be biased or overlook certain issues. A third-party with no affiliation with the organization will generate an objective report and point the weak areas that need improvement.
  • To optimize the auditing process: since SSAE 16 is a format developed by the AICPA to fit a global standard, there is no need to hire multiple organizations. SSAE 16 provides a trustful report that clients respect.

 Basic Services of a Colocation Data Center

The latest technology in telecommunication solutions includes VoIP phone systems, Cloud Hosted PBX, and Colocation services. Providers of such products are expected to have optimum internal performance, so they are able to deliver a quality service to their clients. Having an AICPA SSAE 16 examination report, certifies a Colocation Data Center provides the basic services:

  • High security access points, including passwords and biometric controls
  • Permanent tech support, on site and remotely
  • Fire safety and cooling system to protect the equipment
  • Power backup to avoid data loss
  • Scalable bandwidth connection

At Birns Telecommunications Inc., we provide specialized colocation services to suit our clients’ needs and we are glad to announce that we’ll be getting our SSAE 16 very soon; something that will allow us to provide our potential and existing clients with a higher level of confidence at our high-end colocation data center.

Remember that SSAE 16 certifies that companies have undergone an exhaustive revision of the service they offer and how they perform it. Data management providers guarantee top quality service by obtaining positive audit reports; and because it fits international standards, it’s easier for global companies to choose a remote colocation data center.

For more information about our products, feel free to leave a comment below so we can answer your questions. Additionally, visit Birns.Net for a full online catalog of products.

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