Colocation Data Center: A Global Picture

Businesses around the globe are looking to Colocation Data Centers for a secure place to house their servers and hardware. A Colocation Data Center provides businesses with 24/7 peace of mind in a high security location. There are many advantages to Colocation as many companies in Asia and Australia will tell you.

Large corporations are not the only ones taking advantage of the value of moving their servers to Colocation centers. It is also becoming a global trend among medium to small corporations looking to improve their capabilities and cut costs.

Colocation provides businesses around the world with the opportunity to house their hardware off site which offers many advantages such as fire protection and security. Let’s look at what drives companies in Asia and Australia to make the move, and switch to a colocation data center.

A recent survey showed the following:

  1. For many companies turning to colocation, a major motivator is the ability to increase bandwidth whenever it is needed.
  2. Colocation data center decreases energy usage. This is not only a cost saving measure, but also a move towards greener business practices.
  3. As a means to enhance server virtualization capabilities.  Virtualization technology also makes software installation much easier.
  4. Add-on services are a big factor as well. Add-ons that can be provided include backups, firewalls and security devices.
  5. Close to 90% of companies surveyed revealed that they will deploy virtual machines in the coming year.
  6. Nearly 40% of companies said they will expand their cloud computing within the year.  10% of companies stated they will deploy cloud computing for the first time.

Companies that choose to use virtualization do so because it reduces the number of servers that need to be run, thus not only saving on cooling but also on hardware costs like VoIP Phone Systems.

Today, companies are also turning to virtualization as a means to reduce their environmental footprint. This is in large part due to the growing number of customers who prefer to do business with companies that are committed to respecting and preserving the Earth.


Corporations in Australia, Asia and around the world are looking for systems that allow for maximum scalability. For this reason, the Cloud is becoming a popular trend with many. Cloud technologies allow corporations to scale up and down. This flexibility is one of the leading characteristics that is attracting companies to the Cloud.

As we look at the recent trends taking place in Australia, we are left to conclude that 2014 will show an increase in the number of businesses investing in Cloud and virtualization technologies. The movement to colocation data centers will also see a rise due to its many benefits.

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