How to Choose the Right PBX Systems for Your Business?

If you are looking to cut operating costs, transitioning to a PBX system is a good start. Front desk operations can be difficult to maintain for a small business without the funds to employ an IT technician on site (they also require a great deal of maintenance and expensive equipment). With that in mind, it seems that traditional business phones are not the best option for SMBs.

PBX Systems: Making the Decision

Before deciding on which system best suits your particular business, first take a look at how you communicate. Do you and your staff primarily spend the majority of the time making outgoing calls to customers? This simple question will help you decide which PBX system will work best for your business.

However,with so many types of PBX systems out there to choose from the decision can be overwhelming. The good news is we’ve taken the time to explain the essential aspects of the most popular PBX phone systems:


IP PBX may require for you to invest quite a bit on equipment and installation, but over the course of time you will save around 50% on the average phone bill. With an IP PBX system, small and medium-sized businesses can manage as many phone lines as their bandwidth allows.

Hosted and Virtual PBX

If you own a small company, then you already have too much on your plate. Cloud Hosted PBX and Virtual PBX minimize your stress because they are maintained off-site. Although you will need to pay a monthly fee for the service, the management and maintenance of your system will all be handled by your provider. With one less responsibility, you can focus on what you do best: Running your business.

Features to Expect

Just because you are a small business doesn’t mean you can’t operate like a big company. An Internet Protocol PBX system provides users with loads of features to enhance their communications and productivity and a VoIP phone system can operate many phone lines that can be either routed to specific staff members.

Companies that make a significant amount of international calls will also benefit from better long distance rates than traditional analog phones. Other features include automated attendant, call waiting, on hold music and even voicemail to email.

By doing some research and analyzing the key ways you communicate within your company, you will be able to select a PBX system that offers you valuable functionality and saves you money.

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