10 VoIP Phone System Features that Improve Customer Service

“Treat others as you want to be treated,” is a famous quote that has a lot to do with what customer service is all about. And in today’s world, it is critical to provide a high level of customer service to keep your clients happy. Customer service is mainly supported by a great staff, however a capable team of employees might not be enough.

Nowadays, you also need good and reliable business phone system. That’s why we’ll show you 10 ways in which your customer service can be improved with not just any phone system but a professional VoIP phone system like those provided by companies such as NEC, ShoreTel, Mitel and Adtran.

So, here we go:

  1. Auto Attendant: Answering the phone is critical for any business, that’s a given. VoIP phone systems can automatically route the phone call to the first available person, this way your customers will always have someone to help them.

  2. Call Reports: You can get detailed reports on how many calls your office has received and made.

  3. Call Forwarding: Imagine redirecting an important business call from your office to your cell phone. Now, imagine no more. That’s something a VoIP phone system can do you for you. That way you won’t miss a call from your clients or providers anymore.

  4. Easy to use: The main advantage is that an IP Phone is very similar to a normal phone, so if you decide to migrate to VoIP, your employees won’t feel a big difference but will get many new useful features.

  5. Unlimited Growth: This is indeed something quite important, no matter how big you want to grow, VoIP phones are scalable. As blogger Chloe Mulliner said, VoIP makes it easy to add or subtract phone lines and extensions; this means your VoIP phone system can grow with your business.

  6. Call Recording: One of the most important things in customer service is to be able to evaluate employee performance, by recording calls you can listen and help employees improve their customer service while also solving conflicts with clients.

  7. Voicemail to Email: Each Voice Mail Message can get forwarded to an email address as a voice file attachment, that way you can listen to your messages no matter where you are. To know more about this great feature, we invite you to check this great article by TechRepublic.

  8. Extensions for Outside Employees: This is indeed quite a feature, you can have employees working outside the office using an extension that will allow you to keep track of their work at all times.

  9. Software Integration with Mobile Apps: You can access both your normal phone line and your work extension on your smartphone at any time by using a variety of apps. This way you can always stay connected!

  10. High Quality Sound: By using the latest standards for configuration, a modern phone system can deliver crisp sound and make your calls more efficient.

VoIP Phone, VoIP Phone System, Phone System, Hosted PBXThese are just some key features that make VoIP phone systems a must for any company, if you have already purchased a VoIP Phone, share your thoughts in the comments section below. And don’t forget we will continue publishing posts about  PBX System features, Hosted PBX and New York Phone Systems!

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