Voice and Data Cabling

Voice and Data Cabling

Voice and data cabling are the backbone of any communications system and it all begins proper installation and configuration. The proper voice and data cabling setup will provide you years with fault free operations.

At Birns Telecommunications we offer a voice and data cabling product line that includes support of our own system installations, and as a separate offering, support of non-Birns Telecommunications solutions.

The implementation and installation of various wiring mediums, along with voice and data cabling, has made Birns Telecommunications a market leader in the telecommunications field. For over thirty-five years Birns Telecommunications has implemented multi-pair copper, shielded copper, and fiber optic wiring designs for many different customer applications.

A standard voice and data cabling plan includes a Category 5 (CAT5,CAT5e,CAT6) cable run combined with a Category 3 run, in support of your voice system. For high speed data capacity, supporting Ethernet and LAN/WAN systems, Birns Telecommunications provides the necessary throughput and future capacity for most data applications.

Birns Telecommunications works with voice and data cabling plans that includes VoIP phone systems, WiFi/Wireless Network Installation, WLAN Networking Setup, Access Point Installer, Audio/Video Cabling and Wiring, Network Cabling Design, and Server Racks. With Burns Telecommunications you get more than voice and data cabling, you receive 24 hour support and expertise to keep you communications open for business.

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