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A PBX System is the Communications Solution for Today's Small Businesses

As an authorized dealer of NEC, ShoreTel, Mitel and Adtran PBX Systems, at Birns Telecommunications we can proudly say that all of our manufacturers have been recommending us to their new customers for several years; because, we understand better than anyone how PBX Systems can help a company's employees increase productivity.

Regardless of what your needs are, we can provide you with the call center you need. You can rest assure that our 40 years of experience in New York’s telecom market have prepared our team of experts to help you select the PBX System that's best for your unique requirements.

Get an affordable and reliable PBX System from our extensive portfolio and lower your operational costs over time! Please call 1-888-BIRNS-TEL or send an email to contact@birns.net and our factory-trained technicians will install your new PBX System.

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Delivers low-cost PBX Systems that integrate innovative features and other communication tasks for companies of all sizes.


Offers a robust set of PBX Systems that provide communications solutions targeted to small businesses and small offices of larger organizations.


Provides one of the most comprehensive portfolios of PBX Systems available in the market.


Quality networking and advanced communications equipment (like PBX Systems) for small and medium-sized businesses.

What is a PBX System

"PBX" is an abbreviation of “Private Branch Exchange.” This means is a private telephone network that switches calls between business phone systems within a company on local lines while enabling all users to share a certain number of outside phone lines by connecting them to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

What are the latest tendencies in PBX Systems?

Initially, PBX used analog technology. Now VoIP PBX has become one of the most important tendencies in PBX technology. VoIP PBX Systems transform analog information (audio) into digital data using a broadband Internet connection to deliver calls. At the moment, there are five different PBX tendencies: PBX, Hosted PBX (Centrix), IP PBX, Hosted or Virtual IP, and Mobile PBX Solutions.

The Advantages of Using a PBX System


Since PBX Systems use open standards and interfaces, they are usually a more flexible solution than traditional proprietary systems.


Most Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) prefer PBX because it's cheaper than connecting to an external telephone line.


PBX allows companies with multiple locations to connect their phone systems without needing additional phone lines.


Calling someone with a PBX System is easier than with a traditional phone, because most PBX phone numbers tend to be just 3 or 4 digits long.


PBX Systems allow you to easily expand your phone system as your business starts to grow or your needs start to change.

Energy Saving

Many PBX Systems reduce electricity costs compared to traditional telephones; this means PBX phone systems can reduce CO2

User Friendly

PBX Systems combine the features of traditional Private Branch Exchange with cutting-edge unified communications functions that results in an intuitive interface.

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