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Cloud Hosted PBX

Business phone systems for your office have now become even easier and more flexible than ever before. Birns Telecommunications offers a cloud hosted PBX that blows away the competition.

Our cloud hosted PBX has the power and features to run a small to medium sized business phone system without the hardware, installation costs, and upkeep requirements of a traditional bulky office phone system. You are only required to manage the IP telephones in your office. The days of a standard in house PBX are over. Innovation and advancement is paramount for any business looking to move into the future. The cloud hosted PBX is here to stay. Birns Telecommunications offers the best cloud hosted PBX currently available.

Major benefits of having a cloud hosted pbx include:
  • There are only VoIP telephones in your office to manage, no in office PBX.
  • No Major hardware, installation, or management costs for a cloud hosted PBX.
  • An auto attendant is included to direct incoming phone calls.
  • You can set up hunting for workgroups,
  • as well as add additional virtual phone numbers, and toll free phone numbers.
  • Everything you have come to expect from a good business phone system PBX.
Need more reasons?

At Birns Telecommunications our cloud hosted PBX removes the need for in house support technicians to manage and maintain your PBX. The role of management is taken care of by us. We have expert technicians on hand at all times to manage and maintain your cloud hosted PBX. Because the VoIP Hosted PBX is being served from cloud based servers, it is extremely fast and reliable. What does this mean to you? It means more money saved, faster connections, less downtime, and more affordable rates. Having to purchase, install and maintain a PBX only takes away valuable resources from your growing business. Let Birns Telecommunications help you move your business into an era of growth and expansion by eliminating waste in your telecommunications budget.

  • Your business will save money on their monthly phone bill.
  • Avoid the costs of training your IT department to troubleshoot and maintain a bulky business phone system PBX.
  • No hardware is necessary, allowing you to save money on installation costs, training costs, and the many other costs that come along with a traditional PBX phone system.
  • A hosted PBX system phone system also includes a virtual receptionist. The virtual receptionist feature allows you to forward your calls, take messages, and create powerful hunt groups to lead your clients to their intended destination.
  • Our hosted PBX phone systems are served on cloud servers making our services very fast, redundant, and extremely reliable.
  • We handle all maintenance services to your hosted PBX system saving you money on training and hardware costs. We will handle any upgrades and have many experts available at all times to handle any potential issues that arise.
There are great features!

When shopping for a quality cloud hosted pbx solution for your business it is important to compare the features and options each provider offers. Not every cloud PBX is created equal, we have done our homework and are proud to offer one of the most feature rich cloud hosted PBX solutions available at a price that rivals our competition. At Birns Telecommunications our Hosted PBX Solutions include the following key features standard:

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